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Why partner with Saberr

 CoachBot turns coaches into enterprise-wide orchestrators of team coaching and cultural curators, developing a long-term relationship with the whole company, instead of just a couple of teams.


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Expand your reach to more teams within your client’s organisation

Have a bigger impact on your client organisation using CoachBot alongside your interventions

Commercial benefits

Close more proposals
Give your proposals the cutting-edge by providing your customers with value-add tech



Increase repeat business
Use CoachBot’s insights to prove your impact on the organisation and to provide targeted touch-points. 

Earn Commission
Any of our partners can also join the Ambassador Programme to earn 10% commission on successful referrals


Track progress and provide targeted interventions for your client going forward

Take teams on an ongoing development journey to sustain behavioural change

Become a culture curator to not only maintain but strengthen your engagements over years

How we partner

Individual Coaches and Consultants

For coaches and consultants who want to increase their impact and reach.

How does it work?

  • Sign up to a CoachBot accreditation (live webinars). 
  • We'll provided you with materials to include CoachBot in your next proposal


For groups of consultants who want to co-develop a blended approach that complements their practice.

How does it work?

  • We’ll arrange a workshop to get a deeper understanding of each others’ practices and work on our joint proposal. 
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